Shabbat Commentary

7/8 June: Bamidbar : Shabbat comes in 9:00 pm,  ends  10:20 pm

In Parshat Bamidbar we read the verse  “This is the line of Aaron and Moses at the time that the Lord spoke with Moses on Mount Sinai.  These were the names of Aaron’s sons:  Nadav, the first-born, and Avihu, Elazar and Itamar.“    This passage begins by saying that it will tell the line of Aaron and Moses, but supplies only the names of Aaron’s sons.

From this, the Talmud concluded,  “One who teaches the son of his neighbour Torah is considered as if he had begotten him,  since Aaron begot and Moses taught them; hence they are [also] called by Moses’s name” (Sanhedrin 19b).

We all have teachers and coaches who greatly add to our appreciation for our life and give it deeper meaning.   Judaism gives them proper recognition as actual givers of life.   Who has done that for you as you were growing up?

Written by Rabbi Paul Arberman




June 6, 2019