Join us for a Mosaic Masorti (HEMS) Friday night dinner & service

Please join us on Friday 18th January  when Chazan Bex Blumenfeld will again be sharing shabbat with us. There will be a Friday night service at 7.00 pm, followed by a meal at the home of Linda & Edwin Lucas.
Chazan Bex will lead services and deliver the dvar on Shabbat Beshallach, 19th January.

We  ask for a donation of £8.00 per single adult or £20 per family, towards the cost of the meal, which is subsidised by the shul. This can be by cheque (payable to HEMS) or directly into the HEMS bank account (reference 18th January). We also ask for food or drink contributions towards the meal. Once you have booked please contact Gill Ross who is co-ordinating the evening.

January 18, 2019