Mosaic Governance

Mosaic is managed by an Executive Board of volunteers, supported by our Rabbis and staff.

Mosaic is governed according to the Mosaic Jewish Community – Articles as a registered charity, and as a company.  Mosaic Board decisions are subject to ratification by our three Synagogue Councils and by our Annual General Meeting.

Mosaic Liberal Articles and Board / Council information to follow

Mosaic Masorti Articles and Board / Council information to follow

Mosaic Reform Synagogue Articles can be found here


The Mosaic Board members are:

  • Chair – David Leibling
  • Vice Chairman – Lawrence Chadwick
  • Treasurer – David Pollak
  • Administration Officer – Elaine Glass
  • Mosaic Masorti Chair – Edwin Lucas
  • Mosaic Masorti Liaison Officer – Gill Ross
  • Mosaic Liberal Chair – Adrian Cohen
  • Mosaic Liberal Liaison Officer – Lyndsey Cohen
  • Mosaic Reform Chair – Harry Grant
  • Mosaic Reform Liaison Officer – Jonathan Feldman
  • Adult Education – Ruth Hart

The Rabbis attend ex-officio