Mosaic Governance

Mosaic is managed by an Executive Board of volunteers, supported by our Rabbis and staff.

Mosaic is governed according to the Mosaic Jewish Community – Articles as a registered charity, and as a company.  Mosaic Board decisions are subject to ratification by our three Synagogue Councils and by our Annual General Meeting.

All three Synagogues have signed an Accord governing how they work together as Mosaic Jewish Community – this can be found here

There is also a Financial Management Agreement which governs the finances of Mosaic Jewish Community. here

Mosaic Liberal Articles and Board / Council information to follow

Mosaic Masorti Articles and Board / Council information to follow

Mosaic Reform Synagogue Articles can be found here


The Mosaic Board members are:

  • Chair – David Leibling
  • Vice Chairman – Lawrence Chadwick
  • Treasurer – David Pollak
  • Administration Officer – Elaine Glass
  • Mosaic Masorti Co-Chair – Phil Austin
  • Mosaic Masorti Liaison Officer and Co-Chair – Gill Ross
  • Mosaic Liberal Chair – Adrian Cohen
  • Mosaic Liberal Liaison Officer – Lyndsey Cohen
  • Mosaic Reform Chair – Harry Grant
  • Mosaic Reform Liaison Officer – Gillian Goldsmith

The Rabbis attend ex-officio