Mosaic Film, Cinema and Theatre

Mosaic has two film and theatre groups that each meet monthly:

Mosaic Film meets monthly and offers film-lovers an opportunity to share this interest. A variety of films are shown, mostly of Jewish or Israeli interest, with some foreign-language films with English subtitles. Presentations have ranged from comedy to drama to documentary, and have included the following titles over the last 12 months:

Keeping up with the Steins, The Debt, Max, The Counterfeiters, The Infidel, Sarah’s Key, Imaginary Witness, Crossfire, Leon the Pig Farmer, Life is Beautiful, A Serious Man and The Lemon Tree.

The screenings start at 8pm at Bessborough Road, usually on the third Tuesday of the month, and are followed by a short discussion. Light refreshments are provided; a donation to a synagogue charity is appreciated.


Mosaic Cinema and theatre group was set up in 2018 by a group of parents of teenagers / 20s with a passion for film and theatre.  The group gets together to go to the cinema for current showings, theatre outings, and in homes and at Bessborough Road to watch films.  The group mostly meets on the first Tuesday of each month, with theatre outings mostly at short notice – arranged through our Mosaic cinema and theatre Facebook group.

For more details of the next Mosaic Film events, see the calendar, and for further information about Mosaic Film or to join our Mosaic cinema Facebook group, contact us

Next film:

Mosaic Film “The Search”

Tuesday September 24

Released in 1948, “THE SEARCH” was directed by Fred Zinnemann, and starred Montgomery Clift in one of his first major roles.  Zinnemann was himself from a German Jewish family and was forced to leave Germany years before as a young man. He made the SEARCH, in recognition of his lost youth and innocence. Making this film was a risk as it was released just at a time when Hollywood and the average filmgoer were beginning to come to terms with the true horrors and barbarity of the Nazi atrocities of the Holocaust. This little known black & white classic looks at the aftermath of the War and the Holocaust through the eyes of an innocent child and his GI friend, leaving us with a sense of hope.  It tells the moving story of one silent nine-year-old Czech boy, a survivor of Auschwitz, who flees a refugee centre in immediate post war Germany.  He is found and taken in by an American GI (Clift). At the same time, the boy’s mother, the sole surviving member of his family, is searching the refugee centres (UNRRA) for her son. Time, distance and the massive numbers ...