This Shabbat

Mosaic is a unique Jewish Community – in that we offer at least three weekly and festival services from the Liberal, Masorti and Reform traditions. After our services we get together for joint kiddushim, and offer study sessions before or after some of our services.

Our services include Liberal, Masorti and Reform weekly and Festival services and children and family services such as Torah Tots and Shabbat Shira, and alternative services such as our Friday night contemplative services, interfaith activities and themed Shabbat services – Rock shabbat, anniversary of VE day, supporting social action projects such as Red Nose Day.

Liberal / Reform Erev Shabbat Service

Friday, 9th June @ 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Masorti Services

Saturday, 10th June @ 9:45 am

Reform Shabbat Morning Service

Saturday, 10th June @ 10:30 am

Liberal Shabbat Morning Service

Saturday, 10th June @ 10:45 am